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what is seo?

Whenever you type a query into a search engine and press enter you get a list of web results that relate to the keyword or phrase you inputted. All but a very few people click on the links to websites that are displayed on the first page of their search, in fact, only a small percentage will bother looking passed the first five entries. If you have ever wondered why a certain website ranks higher than another, then the answer lies in a marketing technique called ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO). SEO is a process which enables search engines to find and rank a website higher than the millions of other websites for certain keywords and phrases. SEO therefore, enables you get increased traffic from search engines. You may read or hear the expression ‘Organic’ or ‘Natural’ SEO, this refers to the position or ranking your website achieves via the search engines own selection criteria as opposed to paid ranking like ‘Pay Per Click’ or PPC as it is sometimes referred to. PPC is an effective advertising tool, however, generally, people are weary about websites that pay to appear on search result pages — the content may not always be as relevant as the organic searches. So people trust, hence click in greater numbers, the links that appear naturally or organically. The perception is that if they appear organically, there is a greater chance they will find the content they are seeking.

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Quality Organic SEO, correctly administered, assists in maintaining stable search results for your website. Each search engine has a highly complex ranking mechanism which is constantly changing. The search engines crawl the World Wide Web, assessing every websites and then raking them against a staggering criterion. Beware, there are people and companies who do not use ethical methods to obtain rankings, these are called ‘Black Hat’ techniques, websites can be black listed for adopting such process. First 4 Web SEO only use ‘White hat’ approved techniques.

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